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Send invoice related mail to Invoice contact only (if exists)

WHMCS-addons.eu shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

We've ad several clients complain about this.

If a Billing contact has been defined, any billing related mail should only go to that person.

Especially with bigger companies, but more and more with the smaller companies aswell, they have a dedicated address for billing / invoicing related E-mail.

We or they define it as such in the system, but to their (and our) surprise the main contact is still receiving all billing E-mail aswell and they find this very annoying as well as that it doesn't help clarity or streamlining payment of the invoices.

When a billing contact has been defined (or another contact that has billing ticked aswell), that contact should get billing related issues, and the main contact shouldn't anymore.

I hope this gets implemented really soon.


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Please note that the problem is not only with the invoice / billing contact...

You can see all the explanations here:


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We just opened a ticket because of this. We ran into the problem that the main contact always gets all emails and considered this a bug after looking for a way to disable this. I really cannot believe this is expected behaviour nor can I believe this has not been commented by WHMCS staff at all. Absolutely crazy.


This would be a brilliant and much needed additional functionality. Please add quickly!