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Send domain expiry reminders to domains with 0.00 price

WHMCS John shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently domains with a 0.00 price do not receive the Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice or Expired Domain Notice emails. This request is to petition to have them instated.

The reasoning behind the current behaviour is that because the domains are free and will be renewed automatically, if a client were to receive a reminder email, they may manually renew the domain and be charged the regular price, instead of receiving the free renewal which will happen automatically on the domains' Next Due Date.

However to be compliant with ICANN regulations, domain reminder emails must be sent for every domains, regardless of price, prior to expiry and also after expiry. The ICANN regulations are not necessarily designed with convenience in mind, but the aim of them is honourable and WHMCS Should be compliant to the letter.