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See what is being searched for in the knowledgebase

Magnus Boutrup shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be nice, if you could see what clients are serching for in the knowledgebase.

So you could see which articles what they need or want. :)

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1 Year ago added for consideration. Please add this in next version.

This will be very useful for every WHMCS Users.


I fully support this.

WHMCS puts a lot of focus in helping hosting companies to be as efficient as possible, through a lot of built-in support tools for both admins and clients.

If we could see the terms customers are looking up (just like the WHOIS Lookup Log in the Admin Panel), we could create more, relevant documentation and improve existing documentation based on typos, extra spaces and such (i.e. a customer types "hard ware", whilst there is an article only found using the search when typing "hardware").

This makes complete and utter sense to implement.