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Security textarea box (for login details etc) in tickets

Zomex shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Hello everyone,

I would love to see a textarea box added to support tickets for customers to add their login details/private info to. This box would be separate from the ticket reply and the contents will be viable to admins with access to the ticket.

The data added to this textarea should be encrypted and for added security there should be options added to the general settings to delete after X amount of days or delete when the ticket is closed. Also this data should not be sent via email. As it stands (without editing the email template) any text added by the customer to tickets is sent via email which is un-secure.

This would make providing login details in WHMCS support tickets as secure as possible while also keeping this data in one place. e.g a customer providers their FTP login when opening the ticket, if the ticket has many replies you won't need to scroll through them to find the correct login.



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