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Save up ordered products/domains for invoicing

Thom Heemstra shared this idea 3 years ago
Already Possible

When first going to a new client it might happen that the client wants X product and minutes after that also wants Y product, so we arrange that on location (2 invoices already). It'd be nice to have the option to wait with billing till the 1st day of the next month, or for ex. till the next day, so that changes can still be done.

This way it's possible to add another product Z (third invoice), and consolidate it into 1 invoice, without having to merge them (my accountant will surely hate me then).

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Thanks for your suggestion.

To achieve this I'd recommend the following process:

  • Navigate to Orders > Add New Order
  • Fill in the client and product details
  • UNtick the Generate Invoice checkbox
  • Place the order
  • Navigate to the client's Products/Services tab
  • Change the Next Due Date to that you wish all the services to be due.

All the services will then be invoiced together on one invoice.


Thanks, but this is quite the work-around. Wouldn't it be possible to do that from the order screen?

With a simple "Start date" feature?


agreed, start product at field is needed. that workaround is very very dicy.

forget to untick invoice once and with some luck the customer already has the wrong invoice.

then you cancle it, explain it to the customer and so on...

on that note same function for upgrade downgrade.

so we can up and downgrade in the past - differences should be billed accordingly in the next invoice



In that situation I'd recommend making use of the Signup Anniversary Prorata setting to achiueve this: https://docs.whmcs.com/Ordering_Tab#Signup_Anniversary_Prorata