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Save checkout form input data on error

Nicolas shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

When a customer is filling out their personal information, i.e. full name, address etc, on checkout page, they need to fill out all the required fields in order to complete the order.

When a field is missed by the customer, the checkout page then reloads and notes which field the customer left behind, but at the same time it erases all the previously entered information. This makes the customer have to fill out everything from the start.

I would like to request that the page keeps the input information in the reloaded page and only the missing field is left blank for customer to fill/correct.

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Hi Nicolas,

When a validation error occurs and the page is reloaded, all previously entered data and information should be retained and pre-filled. Could it be that you have an out of date template file or a customisation that is causing this?