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Revise Product Addons / Invoice System

Tony Holloway shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Revise the Product Addons and the way they interact with the invoicing system. Make each addon have a master and sub category added to it. For example Dedicated Server RAM --> DDR4 RAM. Each category / sub-category will have an ID number. These can be system generated, but would be better if set by the admin user, so they can correspond with true accounting systems.

Then also make each addon product have its own individual price override option for each client. So that if the above ram is at $15/mo in the system, we can override to an individual client on special for $10/mo.

Then when the invoice is created, every addon will be itemized on the invoice with the ID number listed, so that reports can be generated very easily and created to import data into true accounting systems.