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Reseller nameservers auto setup with DirectAdmin

David Askew shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

We offer reseller accounts and each client can have their own namservers. So when a client signs up to a reseller account we ask for the domain to be used in the usual manner... register a new domain, change the nameservers of an existing domain, or, transfer your domain?

Now we have the domain to be used it would be great if that could be sent to the control panel during the creation of the account to also create the virtual nameservers. It's one less step the client has to do when they login to setup their new account.

I don't know if this has been done for other control panels already but I've asked DirectAdmin (which is what we use) and they say the API already exists for that so it could be implemented by WHMCS.


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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Did DirectAdmin happen to provide a link to the reelvant setion of their API documentation for us take a look at?



I askem them and they replied with this...

“For User Level dns changes (to add the ns1/ns2 A records, add the NS records, and remove the old NS records), they'd use this:CMD_API_DNS_CONTROL

Info here:


other changes with the features:


Main thing to note is the CMD_DNS_CONTROL and CMD_API_DNS_CONTROL would call the same thing.

Any issues, just run DA in debug mode to compare the GET/POST strings in the interface, vs with their script to see what's different with the command they're trying to call (if something isn't working)”