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Require or exclude domain addons/features and skip domain configuration page.

sven30 shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be great if whmcs had the ability to force (or exclude) certain domain addons per product bundle and skip the domain configuration page to make purchasing bundled products/packages easier than ever. So for instance, if you have a certain product bundle or product that caters to a certain group of customers that need something like dns management or id protect by default or totally don't want it. Instead of having the customer configure it at checkout, admins could just require it (or exclude it) so the customers don't even have to see the domain configuration page and have an incredibly easy checkout experience. The domain configuration page is just another step that can hinder conversion in certain scenerios.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

At present it is possible to skip the configuration step provided all the variables are filled in the order URL, pass the &skipconfig=1 argument at the end of the cart order link to achieve that:


Currently this applies to single product order links and not bundles.


Here's the thing. When you do a product bundle, and you tick options that are REQUIRED for the bundle, WHMCS enforces that those options have to be checked, but yet it doesn't check it for the customer. The customer has to check it. So my thing is, if you have a bundle of a hosting package and a domain package, where you're requiring the customer purchase Whois Protection, why make the customer check the box for it, when I REQUIRE it to be checked. Why does WHMCS give the customer a choice, when I'm not giving the customer a choice? Logically, this behavior doesn't make sense in WHMCS.


I'd need a way to include the domain addon variables in the url then too. This product I was trying to setup requires id protect and dns management to be added automatically. As far as I know there is NO way to have those addons included and use the &skipconfig=1 for this certain product. Unless you know of an example (ie. &dns_manage=1&id_protect=1&skipconfig=1) or something like that.