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Report more friendly errors, rather than Unknown Error

Mike shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I recently had an issue where the cpanel terminate module was throwing an unknown error when terminating an account manually or via auto terminate in WHMCS 7.6.1.

It turns out that the account that would not terminate had its account in cpanel owned by root and not the reseller account the WHMCS server was configured for.

After assigning the account to the correct reseller account it terminated correctly.

It would have been nice if the termination module returned an error of "target account not found" or something more of a clue since it was not able to find the account in the account list for the reseller the WHMCS server is configured for.

This would have been a great clue since I knew it was on the server.

Can you this be a feature request for the termination module to return a proper error message for something that should be discernible by the termination process. "Unknown error" mean nothing.



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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

WHMCS can't always capture every error in a friendly way, in these instances, instructios for debugging an Unknown Error further are published here: http://help.whmcs.com/m/provisioning/l/953596-troubleshooting-an-unknown-error-occurred

I'd be interested to hear the precise error message you were receiving from cPanel in this instance?


In the scenario above, that is cop out.

WHMCS can detect when the account is not listed for the user who is trying to terminate it. It can simply say that. You are choosing to not test for such things.

The precise error message was 'Unknown error'.


Hi Mike,

An Unknown Error is the output from WHMCS, not necessarily the error being reported by cPanel. If you follow the steps in our troubleshooting article, you will be able to find the raw error details returned by cPanel.