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Reply number on tickets

Toki shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Under each ticket reply there should be a # with the number of that reply from the staff.

I have to constantly refer to some specific reply I did in a ticket to the customer. And right now I basically have to count visually each reply made by someone, on long tickets this is terrible. In forums you usually see this feature. For example in post number four you see #4

I think if the replies by staff where numbered it would make managing tickets so much easier. Sometimes the customer asks something you or someone else said to him before in another reply, this would be really useful as you could just look up the number and tell them:

Please check my reply number 4 for that information.

It would be also very simple to implement. Same could be also done for the customers replies but right now I see more value for staff, of course the numbers have to be visible on the client side as well, so you can actually link to the reply number.

Example, #4 is an anchor link on the ticket view templates, so when you tell someone, check my reply number #4, that is actually clickable and the customer jumps to that reply when clicked, even better if it can then be highlighted. The whole reply gets some visual cue from the rest, not only does he scroll to the reply but its get highlighted with some color. This would be easy to do because whmcs actually stores each post as separated.

Would be really useful since I think the ticket systems could use some love from the developers.