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Rename or Translate Ticket Statuses for Admins

Nathan shared this idea 4 months ago
Under Consideration

Currently the translation override will only work for client emails and client interface. I'm not sure why there isn't a matching option for the admin language override.

$_LANG['supportticketsstatusanswered'] = "Waiting on Reply";

$_ADMINLANG['supportticketsstatusanswered'] = "Waiting on Reply";

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Hi Nathan,

There are a number of automatic ticket categories, the labels for which can be translated with the following strings in the /admin/lang/ files:

$_ADMINLANG['support']['awaitingreply'] = "Awaiting Reply";

$_ADMINLANG['support']['flagged'] = "Flagged Tickets";

$_ADMINLANG['support']['allactive'] = "All Active Tickets";

Does that meet your needs?


Thanks John,

I have not found any documentation on this. Looking for open and answered specifically.

These are not working:

$_ADMINLANG['support']['open'] = "New Ticket";

$_ADMINLANG['support']['answered'] = "Need Approval";