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Remove Required EPP/AUTH CODE field for .co.uk as its not required

David Buckle shared this idea 3 weeks ago
Already Possible

When clients are transferring a .co.uk domians into their account they cannot proceed without entering information into the EPP/AUTH CODE required field.

Due to the fact EPP/AUTH CODES are not required for .co.uk it would be requested that this field is removed for .co.uk domains. Or it would suffice to notify here that you can just type N/A in the box so that it is not blank and thus will allow you to continue. Or even possibly a checkbox stating this is a .co.uk to bypass the required field.

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Hi there,

Please UNtick the "EPP Code" checkbox in the .co.uk row on your Setup > Products/Services > Domain Pricing page.


It'd be nice if the EPP box was completely hidden for TLDs (well.. is there any apart from UK?) that have it disabled rather than left 'optional' on the order flow. Caused confusion just yesterday.