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Remove Billing Information Requirement for Products that are Free or Cost $0.00

Adam Lawson shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

We use WHMCS and offer a free product (software download); we monetize the software by promoting add-ons during sign-up and later by recommending/suggesting (upsell) customers to purchase commercial support for the software. If they choose NOT to buy support right away, it would be nice if WHMCS had the option to eliminate the REQUIREMENT for these customers to enter billing information since the final product (without support) is free. If the product ends up being free, I don't understand why billing information is required. This could also potentially be useful for other use cases such as selling free hosting plans that are monetized with paid add-ons (i.e. priority support, removing "hosted by XYZ" links, etc).



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Thanks for taking the time to provide this suggestion. I'd like to take a moment to explain the logic behind the current implementation.

A payment method is needed in case the service is upgraded or following a free trial you may wish to charge the customer. This is much easier if you have already captured their payment details upon the initial order. Having the payment details can also be helpful for fraud checks.

One option would be to activate the "Mail in Payment" payment gateway and change the display name to something like "No Payment Required". This way no payment details will be collected upon ordering.

Just make sure to only assign the Mail in Payment gateway to product groups containing only free products.