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Remove Add Funds button from 'My Invoices Summary' sidebar

G Bell shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Since the upgrade to version 6, I noticed that clients were often adding funds instead of paying an existing invoice that had been raised for their renewal. I thought this was odd, but only in the last month have I realised the cause of this.

With the new six template, when a customer goes to their invoices page, the 'My Invoices Summary' sidebar is displayed. If an invoice is due then it will say something along the lines of:

1 Invoices Due

You have 1 invoice(s) currently unpaid with a total balance of $20.99USD

[Add Funds]

Of course, many customers are seeing this and clicking on the [Add Funds] button. They then go through the process, an invoice is raised, they pay it and get a receipt for $20.99. All done right? Well, no...

A few days after they will receive an email to say their payment is overdue and if they miss the email then eventually their service is suspended for non payment! They obviously become very annoyed about this, because as far as they are concerned they have made their payment (they even got a receipt!)

The problem here is that having an [Add Funds] button right next to the message that says a payment is due is very misleading. It implies that a customer can add funds to their account and then the payment is made. They don't realise that this doesn't pay their existing invoice and that they'd have to follow the extra step of applying the credit to their invoice.

I believe that there is no reason to have the [Add Funds] link in the 'My Invoices Summary' sidebar at all and that it should be removed completely. Unfortunately, with the new template system there is NO WAY to remove the button. I have been in touch with WHMCS support and they have confirmed this (you can't create a hook like with other sidebar items). The only way to remove the button is to disable the 'add funds' option altogether (and as some customers actually want to use it, it's quite inconvenient for them to have to request an add funds invoice).

My suggestions:

1) Preferred option: Remove the button completely - it is a design fault. There is no need for it to be there when there is another link to 'add funds' in the 'Billing' sidebar menu just below it. It's not good to imply to customers that they can add funds to pay an existing invoice and then for them to receive 'late payment' reminders a few days later (or even account suspension).

2) Alternative: Give us some way of removing the button either via the template or some other way. For example, give the button an ID so that it can be hidden with CSS or using a hook file.