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Quotes - Option to choose the billing period

serverprofis shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration


it should be possible to choose the billing period for the products i have choosen. eg. One Time/Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually, Biennially, Triennially and to show it on the quote.

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Completely agree, not really even sure why this wasn't included with the launch of the Quotes feature...seems like a pretty standard thing to add with something like this.

If you can add a product to a quote...you should be able to choose from that products available options. (rather than having to figure out discounted prices manually, etc).


I just thoroughly reviewed the quoting feature as I am looking at using it for our new licence subscription business. Been using WHMCS for many years and can verify that this is definitely needed for quotes. It almost felt broken when I could select from configurable options but not billing cycle when adding a product to the quote.

Please add this!!!


Our module can do that for you. Check out the Quotes Automation For WHMCS.


I would like to see ability to add setup fee's so quote could show

monthly price:

setup fee:

for example a custom dedicated server we may charge £300 setup fee, £99 monthly

id like the quote to show the setup fee seperate

total monthly £99

setup fee £300

rather than its current method which would show £399


It needs to have the set up fee and monthly and look like a proper qoute. I spend more time editing my employees qoutes because this system is inadiquate.