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Quote system enhancements

Eric Caldwell shared this idea 8 years ago
Under Consideration

We desperately need to get the quoting system up to snuff. The quotes that go out now have no way to attach TOS or other legal documents when sending out the quote.

1. What we need are WYSIWYG fields above and below the quote system (admin page) where can add any time of image or content. To make it even nicer, it would be great to be able to set a page break so that you could create great looking cover pages, with the next page being the quote, and a last page being legalese.

2. We need to be able to save quotes as templates so that we can create a library of common quotes.

3. We need a way for people to accept a quote from the website where they can click an accept checkbox to indicate they agree.


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I agree with ramf! "why do we have to manually continue the process by manually converting the quote to an invoice? The invoice should be sent to the customer automatically after he accepted the quote.


cannot find any reason that the conversion from accepted quote to an

invoice (so the customer can pay for the quote) will be a manually

process, if there is such a relevant reason please explain"?


Thanks Gus.

It was 5 years ago - and still nothing new...

I love WHMCS - and really hope someone will pick this issue up.

In my opinion the entire process from quite to invoice and then to order and finally to provisioning should be fully automatically (similar to a regular order).

Any vote will help...




It all starts with a quote being approved needs to create an order (and Therefore an invoice)