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Quick Click Icon to open KB Article

Toki shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

One of the things that I find very annoying when I edit a KB article is that it never shows exactly in the WYSIWYG editor as I want. And if you are creating new KB articles or editing an existing one you probably do the same I do over and over again. After saving it, you open it in the web browser to check the final result and how it will look like to end users. This is probably more important if your article has CSS, fonts, and some else that is just not basic plain text.

The problem is that if you are editing multiple articles, this gets very annoying very quickly. You have to search the specific article on your published site. I just search on Google now because it tends to be faster and even using the search build in with WHMCS or having to navigate trough individual categories. If you are editing multiple articles in several languages, this is even worse as you need to open the same article several times with the specific language tax to display it.

So my suggestion is simple, quick and clean. Next to the red delete button to each KB article add another icon that will open the KB article in a new window and also while editing them. The opened article should be the published by ID (to avoid errors if someone is using SEO or custom rewrite rules). And if the article is written in more than one language, have one icon for each language (all you need is to add the extra language tag in the end of the url).

This icon should be below the title when you are editing articles, and next to the delete button on each article. Or maybe to the right side before the title, so avoid hitting delete by mistake.

You cannot imagine how a simple tiny change like this can improve your workflow. Now instead of having to search for the exact URL or having to type it manually in your browser and wasting valuable seconds for each time you edit a KB article, you can just click the icon and it opens it directly outside the WHMCS admin, just how customers would see it. This will be a precious time saver if you just want to see articles how they look like once published or while editing a bunch of them.

This should not take more than 30 minutes to add to WHMCS regarding coding.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

In version 7.5 we are adding an edit link next to announcements, knowledgebase categories and articles. This will take you directly to the article edit page in the admin area.

This way when you review an article on the client area you can edit it right away, without needing to then search for the article in the admin area.

I hope you will find this useful!


That will be indeed very helpful to maintain articles up to date. As long as the link is completely hidden from visitors on the front end (we don't want reveal the admin url) and only visible for staff/admin users.


Hi Toki,

Yes the Edit link will only be displayed to staff with appropriate permission to manage knowledgebase articles and/or announcements.