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Public whois lookup

David Askew shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

In order to become a gTLD with Nominet so we can sell .wales and other TLDs we need to offer a public whois service to clients.

Regardless of becoming a gTLD it would be an apt feature so I would like to request this.


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Hello David,

I absolutely second your request since it will be an essential feature to include in their upcoming update or upgrade to make it possible for users to view the whois records of any domain of their choice in the client area.

Kind Regards,



Thanks for your suggestion.

With the future of the whois service in doubt, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the use-case for this kind of feature with whois data potentially expunged from public record?


Hi John,

If I am reading that correctly it is just the "technical" and "administrative" contacts in doubt, not the "owner's" contact information.

I have just contacted Nominet (for .uk domains) to ask how they have adapted their whois database in line with GDPR legislation. Nominet has now stopped publishing anyone's name and address unless they specifically opt-in to have this published. I feel other TLD's could easily do the same to be compliant if they have not done so already.

As we know, ICANN is the biggest in the world and they are very big on their whois database so I cannot see them not adapting their policy's to comply. They have even indicated they will be doing so by requesting an extension of 1 year.

Even if the worst came to the worst and they ditched it (which I highly doubt) there are many other TLD's who are compliant and the feature should still be implemented to take advantage of these.