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Products as billable items don't show at Income by product report

Arthur Jansen shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

When checking the 'Income by product' reports, we have sold several product's but some of them all pile up as 'Billable items'. I don't understand the logic behind this, because then you have no financial insight in what have been sold.

Why would you have to select a product when creating a billable item, if it doesn't do anything (nor in the cliënt section, nor in the reports).

Please fix this, because now the income by product report is kinda useless, even though it's supposed to be super useful!

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Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback.

Selecting a product when creating a billable item does not connect it to a product/service in the same way placing an order does. Billable Items are a standalone method for billing for items with a wider range of billing cycles than products. However billable items are not connected with any modules or automation.

The product list is displayed when creating a billable item for convenience; saving you having to type out commonly used names and look up prices. If you'd like your reporting to be broken down by product, I'd suggest placing an order for the product instead. I'd be interested to learn more about your particular workflow that precludes this as an option.


When I create a billable item for an existing product, it doesn't help at all with having to type out commonly used names and looking up prices. If I select a product and don't put in a description or a price, it doesn't generate any of the defaults for the product when I generate an invoice If I select a product and manually input a description and a price, those are displayed and there's nothing in the invoice that indicates I even selected a product.

I also don't understand why there's even an option to select a product - it doesn't seem to hit the income by product reporting?