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Product Group Levels

indexmain shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like to be able to have more than just one level of groups. I do Web - Networking - Consulting so I would like to be able to have those three in main order screen. Then you click on Web and it shows Web Design - Hosting - Development - Domains for example then you could click on Hosting and it would show you the hosting packages available within that group is there was products assigned to that group.

So basically there is infinite groups. Products can be assigned within any group. The starting order form would show all top tier groups and any top tier assigned products, click on a group it would show any sub group and any products in that group.

I really can not see why this was not in version 1.x . WHMCS as a billing solution is awesome and MOST companies that do hosting do other things and sometimes they would like to organize those offerings more effectively than having 40 product groups on the hope page to overwhelm out website user/customers.

Thank you!

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Definitely need this too! I agree, should've been implemented from day 1. Well overdue. Please implement this in the next version WHMCS. That would be awesome. We have a sidebar filled with a list of about 20 product groups. Some are duplicate too with slightly different reasons for needing their own group, so it looks confusing to clients on the client dashboard side.


YES, double YES to SSLs - SO. Many. SSLs....


i have many VPS Package but it want add WHMCS.