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Product addon custom fields

Telforce shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

This is very simple. Product addons currently don't have any custom fields like products do.

So if you want to be able to sell two different products at the same time you can only do that by replicating your 2nd product to an product addon. But those addons can't have any custom fields.

For instance if you have an addon called 'Extra bandwith' it would be useful if you could make a dropdown list how much extra bandwith the client can choose from and add another box for comments for example.

I believe there already is a module from Modulesgarden that allows you to link products, maybe that would even be better to then working with product addons.

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This feature is needed for us because...Our datacenter will only issue Dedicated IPs for use with an SSL certificate. Currently we get flooded with people ordering the addon despite the description saying they will need to provide the SSL certificate. If we were able to include a mandatory custom field, we would be able to force the inclusion of the SSL certificate at the time of ordering the IP.


The addon name field is not enough to tell our clients what the addon is about. At the clientportal as well as on the invoice we would like to display custom meta with our addons.


This option would work very well with triple play services i sell. I have options to sign up to tv packages that customers can select their channels from, and the dropdown option on the custom fields works extremely well if it would show on invoices and on signup