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process needs to be put in place to deal with PENDING invoices which don;t get paid.

Russ Michaels shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration

As has already been discussed in detail with support.

When an invoice is in "pending payment" status it will wait indefinitely for a callback from GoCardless.

If that callback never happens or fails for some reason, the invoice just stays in "pending" state forever, and no-one will ever be notified.

This means that either 1) the invoice never got paid or 2) the payment will never be recorded in WHMCS

But you will never know unless you manually checking for "pending" invoices.

A process needs to be put in place to handle these invoices if they have not been paid within x number of days.

So that they are switched to unpaid and the overdue notifications get sent or a notification sent to admins to check the payment/invoice for problems.

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Hi Russ,

Thanks for your suggestion.

What would be your ideal workflow in this case?


I believe the maximum amount of time for a direct debit to complete is 7 working days.

So ideally request for payment should be initiated the required number of days before the due date, so that the BACS payment can be received on time.

If payment is not received, then the option to use the same workflow can be applied as with all other overdue invoices.

Or at the very least, a ticket/notification created to let client and admins know there is an issue with the direct debit or the callback.

At the very least, the overdue invoices report and notifications should also include "pending payment" invoices so they don't do unnoticed.

I found one which was was nearly 1 year old and still in "pending" state.