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Please add a way to apply escalation rules on already open tickets.

ramf shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration


There is a problem with the escalation rules system,

If we are setting a rule do do something on all the tickets that meets a specific conditions - it do not apply on already open tickets.

lets say the we want to move all the "in progress" tickets to "on hold" - it will apply only on tickets that will be marked as "in progress" after the rule was made, all the tickets that are in "in progress" status before we setup the rule are unaffected.

This is not a bug since it is stated clearly in the docs that the "Escalation rules only apply to tickets submitted after the escalation rule. Tickets submitted before will not be escalated automatically"

So not a bug - but it is really problematic if you already have tickets that meets that condition that you want to escalate...

I guess that applying the rule on an already open tickets is not so hard to do,

Please please apply this fix soon - the alternative is going ticket by ticket and change the status...

By the way - please note that using the escalation system to close a ticket will not generate the

sending of ticket feedback request, maybe this could be fix too...


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Posted 1 year ago - What do you think?


Posted long long time ago - i'm the only one using the escalation rules on already open tickets??

Don't you think the fact that you can't apply new escalation rules that will be relevant to your already open tickets is a big problem?

what do you think?