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Additional Notes permissions for Staff

Kenny Say shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

In WHMCS's admin area you can assign permissions.

- Setup -> Staff Management -> Administrator Roles

I have included screenshot of the option.

You can toggle 'add and edit notes' to either on or off. This means that employees can either note leave notes at all or they can leave notes and edit any notes in the database. This corrupts the integrity of the database making this somewhat of a security issue.

Here is a real world example where there are three levels of accountability to consider.

1. You have sales agents selling the product but are not really responsible for notes as long as they get a sale they have done their job.

2. Then you have technicians that work on the sites/VPSs and are monitored on what they do in part by their notes as quality assurance.

3. On the next level you have billing specialists that are heavily held accountable for what they do and why.

With the option set to toggle add AND edit ALL notes you should be able to see an issue in this scenario a sales agent can go in and change notes for a billing specialist and potentially get them fired.

A relatively easy solution would be to make the options to 'add notes' and 'edit notes' two separate options within the WHMCS permissions.