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Per Product Currency Setting and Markup Handling

JB shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Definitely, this addon should be implemented in core of WHMCS.


There are a lot of reseller modules available for WHMCS and different service prices and different currencies. A way to manage different per product prices and setup a markup should be a feature that MUST exist inside the CORE of WHMCS.

Release this feature in WHMCS 6 will be a very important feature.

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This still not available in WHMCS core.


This is a critical for those businesses outside of the USA that have a mix of services in their local and US currency. Even Blesta.com has this feature and it is by no means as comprehensive in feature set as WHMCS.


Hi! It would be possible to change currency without creating a new user. It is a very important thing.