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PayPal - paymentreview IPN issue

Miron shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Every PayPal transaction is marked as "paymentreview" and invoices stay Unpaid.

Currently I have opened ticket with PayPal support about this issue, btw. their support is terrible slow, ticket was opened before 2 months and they still "researching" on this.

What I have discovered is that IPN sends status as "Pending" with reason "paymentreview" but the very next second PayPal changed transaction status to "completed".


IPN sends status "Pending" at 00:44:58:


payment_date => 00:44:58 Nov 20, 2013 PST

payment_status => Pending


And the very next second, at 00:44:59 transaction is marked as "Completed" at PayPal account:


Time:00:44:59 PST



The same thing is happening with every transaction in the last few months, IPN sends "Pending" and the next second PayPal set transaction status to "Completed".

With this request I want that you update PayPal gateway script or add another "callback" check script that will periodically check (1 min, 10 min, 1 hour, 1 day, and then next few days) every transaction that was masked as "Pending" > "paymentreview" does is status changed to "Completed" and then automatically mark invoice as "Paid" and process everything else needed after paying an opened invoice.