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PayPal Instalments

Robyn Murphy shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

WHMCS already allows you to set up a "Recurring Cycles Limit" to only

invoice a client a certain number of times instead of "forever".


is great for large jobs and projects where you want to allow the client

to pay it off over a period of time in instalments, and can be linked

to a PayPal subscription to make it easy for both.

However, the

"limit" is not sent to PayPal even though it is supported, so my request

is to have the "limit" that is already available in WHMCS also made

available with the PayPal subscription, so that the subscription will

automatically stop after the set number of invoices.


summarise, when I choose a limit of 4 in WHMCS (say for a monthly

recurring), an automatic PayPal subscription should only take payment 4

times (4 months) and then automatically stop.