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PayPal Express Checkout new features ! In-Context Checkout

WaQas shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I can speak to this. Our new version, “Express Checkout”, is the latest implementation of our product. Express Checkout is the default product that all new merchants receive & it hosts all of our security/technology updates. We are proactively contacting merchants to ensure the transition to Express Checkout is setup properly, with no interruptions to customers checking out on your website. One of the great new features is In-Context Checkout - Customers check out in a secure window that overlays your website. On tablets and smart phones, the PayPal payment screens are optimized for full-page mode.

Express Checkout has all the same features as Website Payments Standard, but is more reliable because it completes the transaction directly while the customer is actively engaged on your site. It supports all the currencies, payment methods, etc, just the same, but more efficiently. There is no monthly fee for using Express Checkout.


We can certainly keep things as they are now with having PayPal Express Checkout enabled and PayPal Standard disabled from the website. Any “renewals” will simply go through the PayPal Standard flow while all new payments will go through PayPal Express Checkout.

With that said, if you can submit a feature request to have PayPal Express Checkout updated, that would benefit you as a mutual client to have WHMCS use the latest technology with our APIs. You can submit a feature request and word it :

Please update your PayPal Express Checkout module to use the latest PayPal integration. This includes a more efficient and secure way of processing PayPal payments as well as adding more features to the already existing PayPal process with WHMCS. Furthermore, PayPal will be leading with this type of integration going forward so as long as we’re using this setup, all changes from the PayPal side will support the updates in the future. Please reference the following integration guide for a quick overview on the new integration: https://developer.paypal.com/docs/checkout/