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PayPal Billing Agreement

Nicolas shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

We need a gateway module based on PayPal's Billing Agreement.

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Especially useful for billing cloud services on a per-use basis where the price of the product is different every day.

Paypal dont support more Reference transactions and has implemented a new way for Billing agreements.

Here you can see how to enable the agreement for a user:


And here how to get the money:



This was requested 6 years ago, marked as under consideration and never done.

I wouldn't be too hopeful they will actually do it, so for now we must deal with customers having over charges for paying early and giving a lot more refunds.


Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion, votes and comments thus far. With an average of less than 4 votes per year, this ideas unfortunately hasn't gained the interest we'd need to see to implement a new feature. Therefore at this time we will be moving this suggestion to the archive.

But that doesn't mean this idea can't still be implemented if the level of interest changes in future. at that time please do submit a new request and if it gets more support second time round we can potentially consider it for future implementation.