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Payment modules tariffs added to the total price instead of included

evcz shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently payment modules tariffs are INCLUDED into the total price.

It would be ince to have to have the possibility to set different tariffs based on specific math rules in order to let the customer see exactly how much a specific payment gateway is taking...

That would finally help in driving users to the least expensive gateway and also allows them to choose the most expensive one if they want to and are happy to pay more.

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Yesterday we released module: ModulesGarden Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS which should suit your needs. Module allows you to charge additional fees and set up discounts for usage of chosen payment gateway. You can also decide which of clients, products, addons, domains and other require an additional fee and which one do not.

Module clearly displays your customers with information about additional fees and available discounts during ordering.

You can find much more information on our website: http://www.modulesgarden.com/products/whmcs/payment_gateway_charges/features

It will also appear in the WHMCS App Store soon.