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"Overage Billing Charges" needs changing or more options

Keiron shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Overage Billing Charges gives us two options:

1. "Calculate & invoice on the last day of the month independantly from the related product"

2. "Calculate on the last day of the month but include on the next invoice to generate for the client"

Option 1 means that the invoice is generated by the cron on the last day of the month with a due date of the same day, because this is the same day this isn't picked up by automated card billing so the invoice goes overdue on the first of the next month and has to be collected manually.

Support suggested I use option 2.

Option 2 isn't viable in some circumstances because we have clients that pay for the product annually and then overage charges on a monthly basis.

A third option Invoice on the last day of the month, with a due date in 14 days would work. Or simply making option 1 make the invoice due in a number of days?

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I can't believe this still has not been implemented!