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Option to Set Invoice Overdue Reminders Per-Invoice

Peter L shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Having the Option to Set Invoice Overdue Reminders Per-Invoice would be beneficial for WHMCS users that create one-off invoices through WHMCS where there is no exact due date. This would be very useful when a client also has other, on-going services where disabling the overdue reminders at the account level, is not an option.

A good example of this would be a customer that has an on-going service like website hosting, who then also orders a one-off service like website design, in which an invoice is created for. They still need to receive overdue reminders for hosting services, but not necessarily for the website design work, as there's often no definitive timeline or exact due dates.

Presently, the only way around this (that I'm aware of), is to keep adjusting an invoice to a later date before it becomes overdue, which can be difficult to keep track of before overdue reminders are sent. Setting the due date too far off can also help, but can give a customer the sense of no urgency to pay for an invoice.

No matter what you sell or what your specific situation, this option ultimately gives the WHMCS user more control over the invoicing feature for times when they may need it.

If you think yourself or other WHMCS users would benefit from this option, please vote for it!