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option to purge expired/cancelled domains after X months

Donna Lever shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

as above, there's not much point in keeping domain names that are available for registration again, or are no longer registered with the provider. It only servers to confuse clients of their availability.

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I'm surprised this still hasn't been implemented after 2 years since this feature request. The big problem for us is that clients keep going to their 'domain renewal' page and seeing lots of expired domain names, often expired for years. The domain names should be automatically canceled by WHMCS so they don't show on the client's renewal list.


Still waiting for this feauture!


Bump. It should be possible to completely hide such domains, even if they're not purged.


Is there any update?


How about having an option to Hide an expired Domain name on

Client's side only? My client had

requested to delete expired domain from their account since it no longer

belongs to him/her and it cannot be renewed anymore (someone else registered

it) but I would like instead to

archive/hide it only from Client's area panel but still keep it available in my

Admin view in order to keep the history record of it as long as that Client’s

profile stays active and does exist in WHMCS.

Please make this feature request as default for expired

domains as this is quiet helpful enhancement to have control of expired domains

visibility for a client due to the fact that after domain’s renewal grace period is over,

usually that domain can no longer be renewed by a client as that domain most likely

got registered by someone else so there’s no point for clients to keep seeing it that domain even under ‘Expired’ domain section since it no longer can be

renewed (within WHMCS).

This enhancement should be relatively simple to address and apply this future I

would like to suggest by adding a new option in WHMCS General Settings under

'Domains' tab as following: ‘Client Hide

Expired Domain’ : Enabled or Disabled (Disabled by Default) or/and perhaps just add only option = ‘Client

Hide Expired Domain Grace Period’ : 90 (90 days, 0 = disabled, by default).

Thank you for considering this helpful enhancement.