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Open New Ticket - Checkbox to sent alert to all contacts on account

Bruno de Lima Costa shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


When I will create a new ticket on WHMCS, today the main contact receive the alert and I can select additional contacts on a dropbox and have a CC field to more emails but, many times, the account have 5 or more contacts and I lost time typing the emails on CC field. My suggest is create a checkbox where will include all contacts of account to received the alert that one new ticket is created on WHMCS.

Thank you!

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Hi all,

At present the behaviour is:

  • Support contacts will receive a copy of all email messages on a ticket that is opened by the master account holder.
  • Email notifications for tickets opened by a contact will be received only by the contact and the master account holder.


Someone mentioned above that you can select other contacts in a dropdown, I still do not see any such option. The only person I can select is the account owner.

Even if you type in another email address, it shows the acocunt owners name, so you end up addressing the person by the wrong name.

Even WHMCS themselves do this on their own tickets. If one of my colleagues opens a ticket with WHMCS support, they think it is from me and call him by my name.


WHMCS still remove all cc emails after a ticket responses by clients, hope this get fixed soom. WHMCS is amazing, but these tickets issues need be ckecked soon.