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Open New Support Ticket from 'View all Support Tickets'

9DollarDomains shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Hi. One should be able to 'Open New Support Ticket' from inside the 'View all Support Tickets' screen. I searched and couldn't find a feature request for this already.

Obviously, we want our support people to first check and see if there is a related/open ticket that already exists, before we open a new one. So, we are always 1) looking up the customer profile, 2) going into 'View all Support Tickets' to see what's already there, and then 3) there are buttons to Merge, Close, Delete and Block. BUT, if there isn't an already open ticket, we have to back out to the main profile screen, and select 'Open New Support Ticket' from inside there.

So - We should be able to OPEN NEW TICKET, from another button beside the Merge, Close, Delete and Block options.