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number of possible decimals in the tax rate from 2 to 3

Martin Blanchette shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Number of decimals in the tax rate from 2 to 3

Government can change tax rate anytime! We currently have this problem...

We can run the following command using the SQL tab:

ALTER TABLE `tbltax` CHANGE `taxrate` `taxrate` DECIMAL( 10, 3 ) NOT


This will modify the number of possible decimals in the tax rate from 2

to 3 and should allow you to enter the new tax rate as needed. Ex: 5.553%

instead of 5.55%


new Quote works! (with 3 decimals)

new invoice don't! (only use 2 decimals)

Please, we need this modification. Thank you very much!

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3 decimal places is required in New York or else the rate is wrong...cant just round up to 2 places. This is crazy that it hasnt been fixed in all this time. Or at least make it an option somewhere.


Jon Wong thank you!

Your info worked great, now if we can only get WHMCS to get it worked out so we dont have to edit the dB.

I'd certainly sleep better knowing I didn't touch the dB!!!


No problem, i'm happy to have helped.

As for the 4 decimal people; just change decimal(10,3) to decimal(10,4) or decimal(10,5) etc.


It must be fixed.