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Notifications similar to Facebook

Harry Perks shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I'd like to see a Facebook style notification system within WHMCS that increments a counter when:

- New ticket or ticket reply

- Ticket flagged

- New order

- Cancellation request

...anything else?

Similar to Facebook, I'd like to see a count in the title of WHMCS, such as this http://gyazo.com/ae3eb9f71f05d7b6def0dae7eda4763e.png

Upon returning to the WHMCS admin area, ideally there would be a notification widget showing the notifications. The count is also set to zero when notifications viewed.

Admins should be able to select what they receive notifications for.

I can imagine this would require a fair amount of work, but for firms with a larget ticket and order flow, it's rather impractical to have email notifications - this would work better.

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I would really like to see this as well (I had this idea also). Im sure its not hard to do. Please do it WHMCS! I know alot of people would like to see it. Im going to promote this page so it gets done!



Also add toast or pop-up notifications


Users looking for a notification system may find our module useful. It offers instant notifications for any situation that an administrator can create. There is not a system to log them and look back to like Facebook has, but it may be available in a future version. Right now it is purely a toast notification.

Check out our site for more info: https://dubtech.biz