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Custom notifications/warnings in clients area

Wajih Halawani shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Greetings WHMCS,

  • as a service provider, getting in touch with clients is so important. i can't see this feature in WHMCS.

Adding a notice/note/warning message in the clients area, and this option can be configurable by the WHMCS admin, where, how, when, why(what conditions this note will appear), select all clients to see this message, or can select manually the client/s who will see that note.

  • Sending a push notification when a private note/warning come to a specific user, this notification could be via email, or via the notifications list inside the clients area.

  • Admin can check a box to appear in the clients area note/warning area, when a client check this box and hit "OK" a notification will be send to the admin control panel area, or/and, a count will increase in the note/warning page at the ACP area. Just like when adding a new knowledgebase, you can see how much views, votes it gets. In the note/warning system, you will see how many clients view this message, how many clients accept it(checked the "OK" box").

  • Admin can pick more than 1 style note (warning, information, alert etc...) Also admin can add more CSS options to this notification.

  • Admin can make this note/warning required, the client must agree/deny this message. (a small popup will show when the client login to the clientarea)

  • Admin can send this note/warning as a notification in the client area.

Thank you!