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New Affiliates action hook: AffiliatePaid

Katamaze shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Affiliate feature is lacking of action hooks from a very long time. We only have a pretty useless AffiliateActivation hook point but we need some more. As you already know Affiliate does not track "transactions". It only updates the total balance of the client so let's say that I don't want to pay commissions older than 6 months... I can't.

I'm willing to include a "transaction log" in my Commissions Manager module (http://katamaze.com/whmcs/product/Commissions-Manager) for affiliates but in order to achieve this I need a sort of AffiliatePaid or AddAffiliateTransaction action hook so that I can track all "transactions" and "play" with data based on different criteria (e.g. drop commission after X months, remove some specific commissions because I want to etc.).

This new action hook would be great for developers like me and beneficial for everyone.