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New Admin Area - Clean Design urgently needed

sitesme shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration


The Admin area looks like it was taken from a script in the 90's: old-fashioned, not visually attractive at all.

I have an admin theme installed from a 3rd party company but the major problem remains: too much stuff going on, too many links, too many information, too many small links / icons which require an urgent cleanup.

The pages could also be loaded / saved using ajax or something similar to speed up the navigation.

There are just unlimited options to optimise the visual look of the admin area, just look at CE (competitor) or other systems like Freshbooks or Xero as two simple examples.

Thank you

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I for one like the Blend admin theme ad I use this theme, not many people like the idea of having ajax take over the admin area, remember that the admin area is a large aspect of the WHMCS system and would contain most configuration for your billing system... I don't see how you say there is too much when everything on the admin area is essential for the work of a support & billing system.


All I am saying is that Admin area needs to have a face lift asap. It is confusing and not user-friendly. When I said "there is too much" is the way it is presented, not the options themselves, which are VERY welcome.

A better organisation, new way to display menus is really needed. Look to other competitor platforms or simply look to other CRM's or CMS's they have "lots of stuff" in a very neat and clean design. It makes a big difference.