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New account vetting (disable new account activation or set new account to inactive)

Action Hosting shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

When a visitor creates a new account via /register.php the account is activated automatically.

This can lead to fraud/bogus accounts. (Yes, I realize that there's option auto provision for existing accounts only but this does not prevent fraudulent credit card charges - it only prevents the hosting services from being fulfilled.)

1. There should be a vetting option so when enabled the accounts are created but set to inactive.

2. When /register.php is submitted, the visitor would get a message saying that their account will be reviewed and they will get a welcome email once activated (this message should be customizable).

3. The account will be created in the admin panel but set to inactive (or new or vetting).

4. There should be an indication in the admin panel that shows the number of new accounts that are awaiting to be vetted.

5. Admin can click on it and get a list of accounts.

6. User can activate, delete each or all accounts.

I think steps 1-3 will not be difficult to implement. Steps 4-6 would be nice to have.