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Multiple Currencies Per Invoice (Foreign and Local Currency exchange)

Andi Becker shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


A customer is paying in Euro - i.e. to paypal or via bang transfer or via Western Union etc.

We receive here at the Bank ONLY ThaiBaht (no Euro) even the money from paypal gets transferred in Thai Baht.


We write invoice in EURO to the customer. and he pays in Euro - for this we need to set in Customer Profile EURO

After we received the amount in ThaiBaht at our Bank Account (minus transfer costs and minus exchange rate losses - sometimes plus) we can't Change the invoice to the customer - which is in EURO to an invoice in THB (local currency) Nor is there away to make a refund in EURO - the amount he has payed minus transfer costs - and then create a new invoice in our local currency where we add the amount in THB to credits.

Until now it is not possible that a customer can have 2 or more currencies assigned to his invoices and it is also not possible to exchange the amounts in between those different currency accounts - take Paypal as an example as here it is possible to have accounts in multiple currencies and values can be transferred between those accounts!

For developers and agencies who don't work in the country / currency area of the customer it is a MUST to have that option available and to manage multiple currencies for one customer and i.e. credit the customer in a local currency - in our case THB - while the customer is paying his foreign currency i.e. EURO.