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Multiple Credit Card Support

Sean shared this idea 3 years ago

I know this idea was declined 4 years ago, but I'd like to try it again.

1. If you use WHMCS to bill for a variety of services beyond just hosting you clients might demand the ability to use different cards and payment options/ product or service. For example, they might want to charge hosting services to one card. But one off items would get charged on another.

2. A credit card on file might be maxed out one month and a client would prefer to add another card, without necessarily ditching the details of the card they want to use.

3. It's also just plain convenient to be able to store a few cards on file and chose when and how to use them.

The way it stands now, each time you want to use a new card, you have to lose the details of the card on file. It just creates a bit more work for the client.

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Yes - PLEASE add the features noted by SiteOx above.

The addon he developed for the Quantum Vault is critical to a higher functioning gateway. Without it, the Quantum Vault is clunky and inconvenient for the client.


The ability to automatically charge the next card of the file when the first one fails would also be an anifty feature to have in here. There may be some privacy concern here as the client may have only intended to have x service billed to a card. However, when entering in a new card perhaps there is a prompt, saying upon card failure, try an alternative card which the client could tick.


Hi all,

Version 7.8 has now reached public beta, which includes this feature: https://preview.whmcs.com

The documentation for these new options has been published at https://docs.whmcs.com/Pay_Methods

Please join us during the pre-release testing period and provide your feedback in our dedicated beta community board: https://whmcs.community/forum/471-v78-beta-discussion/