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Multiple Credit Card Support

Sean shared this idea 1 year ago

I know this idea was declined 4 years ago, but I'd like to try it again.

1. If you use WHMCS to bill for a variety of services beyond just hosting you clients might demand the ability to use different cards and payment options/ product or service. For example, they might want to charge hosting services to one card. But one off items would get charged on another.

2. A credit card on file might be maxed out one month and a client would prefer to add another card, without necessarily ditching the details of the card they want to use.

3. It's also just plain convenient to be able to store a few cards on file and chose when and how to use them.

The way it stands now, each time you want to use a new card, you have to lose the details of the card on file. It just creates a bit more work for the client.

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The ability to force a default for the "Manage Credit Card" client area page would be helpful. Maybe a checkbox in the payment gateway settings to force the default for the manage credit card page? That way, if you have multiple gateways, but only one credit card gateway you wish for clients to be able to manage, you can force the default. If none are checked as default, the existing method of WHMCS determining the default would still be in place.


The following features would be very helpful:

  • Clients can add/remove credit cards on file even if they haven't paid an invoice yet (feature can be enabled/disabled by admin)
  • Clients can make payments with their credit cards on file without re-entering the card information (feature can be enabled/disabled by admin)
  • Clients can enable/disable automatic processing of their credit card (feature can be enabled/disabled by admin)
  • Provide information about credit cards on file in client area (last four of credit cards, card types, expirations)
  • Forced redirect to update credit card, upon client login, when card is expired (feature can be enabled/disabled by admin)

I use the Quantum Vault gateway, and have an add-on module I sell that provides these features and more. Many WHMCS users who use Quantum Vault have purchased my module to add the additional functionality for their clients. I would be more than happy to provide the source code of the module to WHMCS if you would consider implementing the features.


Yes - PLEASE add the features noted by SiteOx above.

The addon he developed for the Quantum Vault is critical to a higher functioning gateway. Without it, the Quantum Vault is clunky and inconvenient for the client.