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Move from Smarty to MVC or another Framework

Michael Foland shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Imagine a land where developers can roam without Smarty! Smarty is outdated, and there are far better frameworks out there, such as MVC.

I think what should happen is that a new framework should be implemented so we don't have to do everything with hooks or an API. Why should we have to jump through hoops just to accomplish something? For example, I expanded the License Verification Portal with the Licensing Addon, but I had to connect to the database to grab data for what I was wanting to verify, and I have to use the API for alot of things I want to verify with it. Why not go expand the codebase to be more open source, and eliminate smarty so we can code php modules within a .pdt or something, encode it and not have to jump through several hoops?

Thanks :)

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*BUMP* What is everyone's thought on this?