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More Options for Client Groups

Thomas B. shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

I would like to see additional options for client groups:

Automatic Enrollment Base on client fields: For example allow anyone signing up with an .edu domain to sign up and automatically be put in a client group (for student discounts), this would be even more useful if allowing wild cards to be used to control automatic enrollment requirements such as "*@school.edu" for only certain domains or *.edu for allowing all .edu domains to be used. for that group.

Tax Exempt status, this would be great to automatically mark everyone in the group as tax exempt if enabled (and remove the status if they are removed from the group). We work with several colleges and school districts all with tax exempt statuses of course but different departments will have separate accounts with us so we have to manage updating tax exempt status on a per account basis instead of being managed via the client group function.

Maybe refine discounts to be overall (like currently offered) or per product/group of product basis.

I'm sure others can add to this but there is a lot more potential to the client groups option.

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I see that this is "In Progress". I hope devs consider that Client Groups have LOT of potential to be very configurable.

Today "Client Groups" just help us give unconditional discounts.

Please think that every checkbox of "Client Profile" could be overrided by it´s client groups. This would create much more flexibility.