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More details in System Activity Log

Arf shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

== Affected Version ==

WHMCS 7.4.1

== Description ==

I'm seeing this message in the System Activity Log

Admin Email Message Sending Failed - Email Template Not Found

In my case, the problem is not that the "Email Template Not Found" but that it's disabled. Also which template? I have no idea because the error message is so vague.

== Steps to Reproduce ==

view System Activity Log when the template it's seeking is disabled.

== Expected Result ==

I would like to suggest a clearer, more informative error message. This one is no help.

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Hi Arf,

Thanks for your suggestion . What would your ideal error message look like in this parotuclar siutation?


Easy, simply tell me Email Template the program is looking for that it cannot fine. Maybe tell me where the program expected to find it, what criteria it used to search, and any other details that would help me figure out how to eliminate the error.