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More Advance API Features

Chris Russell shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

I use WHMCS for everything as it is simple to expand and useful to have everything in a single control panel.

One thing we use extensively is the WHMCS API's for many of our other services, many of which require a separate manually entered database for information retrival to support the WHMCS API's, such as a telephone number lookup to get the ID of a client to perform a getClient in WHMCS.

This is becoming a small issue, as it mean we have to do extra work to make the API's perform the required operation, it would be nice for an API update to allow for more functionality such as get the client details using there telephone number, or get knowledge base category’s and articles etc.

Just a few more API calls to make working with WHMCS externally a breeze.

Thanks for your help