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modify domainsync so the provider has more control

fidonet shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

The current domain sync tool goes off and syncs 50 "random" domains each time the script is run.

This is great for background maintenance, however a problem when we perform bulk imports of domain names / etc in WHMCS.

Ideally we would like to be able to set a start number (using the domain id reference for example) so that domain sync will sync the next 50 ...

The way we're operating currently is we either have to manually update every domain's expiry data, or force the domainsync script to run 100 times - which is somewhat counterproductive

If we could say "do the last 50" or whatever then we would not end up hammering our registry partners (which is why I believe the 50 domain limit was first implemented / along with the whole php timeout issue)

Updating the script to add parameters should be fairly straight forward