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Mass update services/options & PDF contract & more

ExpertHost Romania shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

1. Did you ever try to mass update products/options for a group of customer (eg: hosted on server X) ? While filtering themby product and server all you can do is to email them and you have to update options by hand.

2. Automatically asign a customer to a group by "trigger". In our case, we have discounts based on customer oldness (time using our services) and we have to do e periodic check to assign someone to group 1 , 2 ...

3. !important The abillity to generate a PDF contract based on a template (such as email templates) where to be able to use specific WHMCS tags such as customer_name, product, billing cycle and so on.

4. Page title in order form: During ordering process it will be great for everyone to have $product title displayed (eg: Organization > Product group > product name). We somehow did it by our own but after each update have to do it again.

5. Invoice PDF customization: I guess it would be more than usefull to be able to customize the invoice such as editing fields, re-order then and/or apply styles

5.1 Having displayed on PDF invoice the gateway payment details instead of general message "pay to" set in General settings.